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More New Music

Fur Elise Basic VersionI have just added a New section to the Free Guitar Tabs library:

Spanish Guitar!……there are 4 Flamenco pieces in the

Rumba style to try …..also added Fur Elise ,Guitar Boogie in G

and Spanish Guitar solo The Legend from my new YouTube

video in the Fingerstyle Guitar section……….Gary

New Music and Tabs


A Minor Arpeggio Exercises01Today I am adding 4 New original studies to the

Fingerstyle Exercises Sect. and 2 new pieces to the

Fingerstyle Pieces category : Spanish Guitar Solo and

Guitar Boogie Solo………hope you like them……Gary

Site Renewal

As of Feb. 2061 Sound of Guitar booklet016 I am taking over the challenge of personally updating

my site.I will be doing text , music and midi uploads on all the sections

of the site. This will allow me to put up info. guitar music and tab on a

daily basis making this a more desired destination for guitar players of

all levels…………Gary

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Please check out my latest video “Carol of the Bells”. Thanks for all the great comments and support, stay tuned for some new videos including “Canon in D”, “El Noy de la Mere” and a super fast “Arpeggio Study!”






Check out Video

Don’t forget to check out my video page………the music and tab for most of these videos

(all of the instructional videos) can be downloaded FREE from the the Free Guitar Tabs Page!

Welcome to my Brand New Site!

Thanks to Martin,Steve………..extra thanks to Gwen and special thanks to Deb
for all their help putting this site together!

    1. And I Love Her
    2. Bad Thumb Blues
    3. Blues by the Dozen
    4. Bourree
    5. Canon in D
    6. Fur Elise
    7. Playin' the Blues
    8. Raggae Tag
    9. Spanish Romance
    10. Star of the Country Down
    11. The Homecoming
    12. Yesterday