Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Guitar Solo based on the captivating guitar work
from Leonard Cohen’s classic work “Avalanche”

California Dreamin’

With this Weather it’s time for some California Dreamin’ !!!!!!!

Renaissance Guitar!

Renaissance meaWatkins Alens rebirth in French.

This musical period ran from roughly

(1350-early 1600’s).The modern guitar did

not exist at this point and the 2 pieces I am adding

today were originally for voice and keyboard


Beautiful Baroque Guitar

Gavotte by G.A. BrescianelloThe Guitar Library is adding 2 New pieces

by G.A.Brescianello. The Gavotte and Entree.

Brescianello was a composer, violinist from

the Baroque period (1600-1750) . He did write

for the colascione (a type of lute) and these pieces

are taken from that collection.

ShAVE the Tiger

Please check out this video on Youtube.

Suzanne takes you down……..

Today I adSuzanned a wonderful fingerstyle guitar solo

of one of my all time favourites: Suzanne by Leonard Cohen !

……and in the Fingerstyle Blues section a really

cool Blues piece: C Rag Blues ………

based on the work of John Jackson. He was  an

American Piedmont Blues guitarist. Piedmont Blues is a style of

guitar with a regular alternating bass line pattern played by the

thumb that supports a syncopated melody on the treble strings.


Three New Pieces !


Check out my traFur Elise Basic Versionnscription of Fur Elise by Beethoven and

Greensleeves (Basic Version ) in the Fingerstyle Guitar Section of the

Free Guitar Tabs library and the quaintly named but hauntingly

beautiful : A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow ,  in the Celtic

Guitar section of Free Guitar Tabs.


Celtic Guitar added on St. Patrick’s Day!

Today I’m adding a Celtic Guitar section to

Danny Boy01the Free Guitar Tabs library in honour

of St. Patrick’s day ! The first 2 pieces

featured are the beautiful Barbara Allen and

Londonderry Air better known with lyrics as

Danny Boy!


Adding Fingerstyle Blues Section

Today I’m adding a FChopin Prelude01ingerstyle Blues Section to the

Free Tabs library! It will start with a series of

12 Bar Solos in E  featuring

independent bass line work . I’ve also added a beautiful

Chopin piece to the Classical Guitar Section.

Adding Classical Guitar to Library

Today I’m adding aCountry Dance Classical Guitar Section

to the Free Guitar Tabs Library …….the first 2 pieces are

Country Dance by Carulli and Canarie by J. Van den Hove.

Country Dance is a very popular beginner level piece and

Canarie is not that well known .

    1. And I Love Her
    2. Bad Thumb Blues
    3. Blues by the Dozen
    4. Bourree
    5. Canon in D
    6. Fur Elise
    7. Playin' the Blues
    8. Raggae Tag
    9. Spanish Romance
    10. Star of the Country Down
    11. The Homecoming
    12. Yesterday